COVID-conscious Tourism – A New Meaning to ‘Safe Travels’

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Even with many nations achieving herd immunity through vaccinations, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people approach their travels. Intrepid travellers have adjusted their bucket lists to include destinations offering safety and assurance. We believe that, with our wide-open spaces and scrupulous tourism and hospitality COVID-19 protocols, South Africa is one such destination.

2021: Travel trends that have adapted

We’re so excited that foreign tourists have begun to trickle back into South Africa. The industry is seeing a clear set of trends that show how tourism is evolving to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Exclusive experiences

Private villa bookings have skyrocketed in South Africa, as more people opt to travel with their close, safe circle of family and friends. Besides reducing the risks associated with strangers from multiple regions intermingling, private groups receive exclusive, dedicated service.

Isolated and outdoors

For obvious reasons, travellers are heading to isolated, boutique destinations that guarantee lower guest populations, open spaces and plenty of fresh air – whether low-density wilderness reserves or remote seaside sanctuaries.

OOO trips – AKA Work-cation

Perhaps one of the most profound travel evolutions, OOO travel – or Out-Of-Office travel has emerged as a result of executives being able to work from home…  or anywhere, really. Secure internet access, a safe space and luxury accommodations in the wild make for the ultimate office!

Wellness Vacations

With the impact that COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns have had on mental and physical wellbeing, tourists are being intentional in their selection of holidays that promote healthy habits, clean eating and tranquil environments that inspire inner peace.

Slow travel

Eager to travel after such a long time, people are planning longer trips that are more immersive, unplugged and focused on connection – connection to travel companions, nature, food journeys, and the experience as a whole.  As a result, travellers aren’t racing from one place to the next, but indulging in slower, more vivid experiences.

You can travel to Abelana, safely

At Abelana Game Reserve, we’re determined to ensure that our flagship lodge, Abelana River Lodge, offers a COVID-conscious destination that inspires trust and peace of mind to discerning travellers in search of luxury and an immersive African experience.

We’ve implemented rigid COVID-19 protocols to keep our guests and staff safe:

  • Guest temperatures are scanned on arrival at the reserve gate, and each guest completes a contact-tracing and general wellness form.
  • Staff temperatures and wellness are assessed and recorded on a daily basis.
  • All staff are required to wear a mask at all times, and to sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Housekeeping staff are required to wear a mask and sanitize thoroughly when refreshing and cleaning suites.
  • Guests are required to wear their masks in the lodge’s indoor public areas.
  • We encourage outdoor dining as much as possible.
  • All suites are rested between guest stays.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are positioned at all entrances to the lodge and hand sanitizer supply is available on each game viewing vehicle.
  • We wipe down all surfaces with sanitizer on a regular basis, and game viewing vehicles are wiped down between each game drive.
  • We’ve removed all books and magazines from all suites and public lodge areas to minimise touch-contact.
  • All unnecessary pillows and throws have been removed from suites and public lodge areas.

Your safety during travel is our priority. If you’d like to chat about our protocols, available travel arrangements or current promotions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 061 952 4302 or